Thursday, July 30, 2009

The San Francisco Treat

Rice A Roni has nothing on our 4 day girls trip to the city by the bay. I went with my most favorite girls in the world and we had so much fun eating, sightseeing and reminiscing about the good old days.
Here we are posing in front of the Golden Gate bridge. It was amazing to see it in person after seeing it in so many movies and pictures.
Posing in Chinatown at one of our many delicious meals. Our foodie Brit did her research and made sure we ate nothing but the best. I promise my belly is large with child and not pastries and sourdough bread.
Our statue poses at the Palace of Fine Arts. We walked around a huge park looking for it only to discover we were in the complete wrong area so when we finally got there we were even more impressed by its beauty since we had to work so hard to get there.
More posing in front of the Palace. It is so beautiful.

Brit and Emily tore it up in the San Francisco 5k while Kendyll and I supported them with signs and hoorays. This is after the race which is why Emily is so tired she can't fully lift her arm to cheer :)
I had so much fun so thanks to Brit for her awesome navigation, research & planning skills and beautiful photographs; Kendyll for her navigation, San Fran fun facts and our shared love of sweetarts; and Emily for making us make this trip happen, keeping me company in McDonalds at 6 am and also behind Brit and Kendyll while they guided us around town. Thanks to my awesome husband for taking such good care of Ela while I was away even though the first thing she said to me when I got back was "Buy me more doughnuts."


The McNeil Family said...

Looks like a lot of fun.. You girls look adorable. I love the posing picture.

O'Neal Family said...

I had to keep you company at 6am because I'm the one who woke you up at 5am...poor Lauren got stuck sleeping with the girl who is accustomed to central time! I miss you and your humor, I still giggle to myself at the memory of funny things you said. Ryan asks "what are you laughing about" and I say, "oh, you just had to be there..."