Friday, January 29, 2010

Time flies

These girls are getting so big so fast!
Tasha at 2 weeks

3 weeks
4 weeks and feeling hefty at over 10 lbs.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend with Grandmas and Grandpas

We have awesome grandparents in our family. My mom, Dave, Gma Jerre and Gpa Chuck had Ela over for the weekend so that I could get some rest. Since baby Tasha likes to party all night long I usually can only sleep during the day so their help was very appreciated.
Here is Ela hammering and then recovering from her hard days work.
Riding her bike with Gma Jerre and playing with a stick at the bay. Its not as obvious in these pictures but the poor girl got my huge crooked teeth.
On a side note her big thing these days is saying "I Promise." Usually its "I promise I won't do it again mom." Although I don't quite think she knows what it means because she usually does do it again...I guess its better than her previous favorite phrase "That was just an accident." This was used whenever she did anything, whether accident or on purpose. This silly girl is just too smart for her own good.