Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rollin with the homies

Tasha was not a big fan of her stroller until she realized she can sit forward and chew on the seat in front of her.

She has also discovered that it is the perfect spot to get a great grip on Ela's hair when she's riding in front of her.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Del Mar Fair 2010

The theme of the fair this year "Taste the Fun" and man did we taste it. Todd came with us for the first time since the dark days when he and I worked there 7 years ago. We ate, shopped, ate, rode rides, played a game, ate, watched the pig races, got to go behind the scenes in the Ag building and pet the animals, ate, watched the truck race and did I mention ate?
The beginning of the food fest. Our menu consisted of a footlong sausage, chili cheese waffle fries, 1/2 cinnamon roll, a cheesecake taster, fried zucchini nachos, a deep fried klondike bar, a vanilla ice cream cone and lots of lemonade . Can you say "ROLAIDS spells Releif." Ela and I on the roller coaster she requested. It actually whipped around pretty quickly, my old joints didn't feel so good afterwards but she is quite the adrenaline junkie.
Winning the dart balloon game. Her prize was a little stuffed horse that she loves and now takes everywhere.
The giant slide in the big kid section of the rides. I thought she would be scared but as soon as she stood up she was jumping frantically shouting again! She also rode the carousel, a kiddie rollercoaster and ferris wheel.
Fast asleep mid bite of churro. The perfect way to end a wonderful day at the fair.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Is Shrek missing a baby?

We might have her...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Princesses on Parade

The children's theater in town is performing Cinderella this month and held a Princess Party this weekend. It was great because I used it as bribery for weeks and Ela had the time of her life!
Here she is chatting up Cinderella. Some girls were shy but not our little princess. She totally treated her like one of her little friends and addressed her as Cinderella everytime she spoke to her ie. Cinderella! That girl is calling you! or Cinderella! I have to go now.
Here she is with her ladies in waiting. They all thought she was the cutest even when she was bossing them around.
Dancing with a cookie (which also made an appearance in the first photo) to Auntie Princess Jenna's beautiful harp music.
My favorite part. Fast asleep still holding her balloon and fake cell phone probably still talking to Dean.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Ela has been introduced to by her cousin and is obsessed. Here is a little ditty she learned from the website. I recorded it with my phone so pardon the quality and turn up your volumes.