Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July

We love going to the beach on the the fourth of July but do not love fighting for a parking space. To avoid that Todd went super early to surf and park while Ela and I rode the Sprinter over at a more decent hour. Ela really likes trains and was so excited to buy her ticket and hop on for a ride. She climbed into her seat and started giggling. It was a pretty good experience overall, only one smelly b.o. passenger who luckily didn't ride very long.
She's got a ticket to ride :)
At the beach. We had lots of family there but I always forget to take pictures of people other than my girl.
Another reason I love America. Thrifty ice cream.
We drug Ela out to watch fireworks. Half way through she said "I want to go home" and fell asleep before the Grand Finale even started. They were beautiful as always though and overall we had an excellent Independence Day.


O'Neal Family said...

What a fun day, thrifty icecream (single tear) boy do I miss it. Ella is a beauty.

The McNeil Family said...

I love thrifty's ice cream.. What a fun 4th, we decided not to fight the crowd at the beach

Robbie, Alyssa and Brielle said...

The best ice cream ever! How fun!