Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kings Canyon 2009

The Glaziers have an annual tradition of camping in Kings Canyon near the Sequoias. We almost didn't make it this year since baby girl had pnuemonia but she made a miraculous recovery just in time. We had a great time relaxing in hammocks, swimming in the freezing cold river, watching Todd fish, eating gourmet dutch oven meals courtesy of my talented mother in law, playing board games until the wee hours of the morning and spending time with family and our camping friends we only see once a year. The first few days she kept asking to go home and watch Dora but after about 3 days she realized the tent was her home and busied herself with the many duties of camp. Here she is showing me a "pineapple" (pinecone), making toast over the fire, unloading firewood in her "glubs" and pointing out the gigantic ants.

Taking some time to relax like a taco. The hammock was her tortilla if that makes sense.
Our kooky family. I love Todd and Ela's "whats going on" faces.

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