Sunday, November 29, 2009

Giving Thanks 2009

My mom hosted Thanksgiving this year so we spent the day with her andDave and his boys. It was a great time and mom did a fabulous job as host.
Ela and Kelly doing a "pinky promise." Its her new favorite way to get me to forget she's in trouble. "I won't do it again mama, pinky promise."
Us girls with Grandpa Chuck. He cleans up nice.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The future of my shoulders

I was washing dishes today with my shoulders hunched so that my arms could get past my belly to reach the sink and I realized how horrible my posture is. It was never good before but now with this large 8 month pregnant belly its even worse. I hunch when I clean teeth and I hunch when I do pretty much anything standing up. Its getting rather uncomfortable so I'm extra excited for this baby to be born. Hopefully I will be able to straighten up before I become Quasimodo.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Happenings

Halloween was great this year. We spent it with cousins and Ela got her first real trick or treating experience in an actual neighborhood which was very exciting.
Pre trick or treating/sugar rush.
Clapping for the other contestants in the costume contest at the trunk or treat. She really should have won for cutest costume but we were robbed by a little butterfly. I'm going to say its just because it wasn't our ward and they didn't think it was fair to award an outsider the prize.
The only pose I got since she was on hyper speed all night due to a combination of excitement and sugar.
Trick or treating for real. She was super excited and happy for about the first few houses and then she realized one of the older boys in the group had a pretty scary mask and suit on. She freaked and kept making us walk with or hold her since she "didn't want to see that little boy." The funny part was a few houses later she tried to comfort her scared cousin by saying "its just a mask" about a different guy. Of course she said this from the safety of daddy's arms and still would not acknowledge the first boy but it was still progress. Overall it was very fun and she was the most adorable "titty tat" ever.