Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ela's 5th Birthday

Since we went to Disney land we didn't do a big birthday party but we still had lots of fun on Ela's actual birthday. We started with breakfast of her choice at IHOP then went to the annual Ocean Hills Easter Celebration. There were tons of eggs, candy, prizes and fun!

 After the egg hunt we spent about 45 minutes waiting in line for face painting. The kids were so happy it made it all worth it. Afterwards we had lunch at Gramy & Papa's where Ela was finally able to swim in their 5 year old and older pool which may have been the highlight. 

 Her requested chocolate cake.
We finished off the day with dinner at Pew Wei and frozen yogurt at Menchi's with cousins and lots of fortune cookies.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Bye Bye Mullet

Since I always give her ponytails and her bangs are perfectly side swept, Tasha has managed to go her entire life without me cutting her hair. Until today.
 She was super excited about her haircut and sat super still for 5 whole minutes on her stool watching Yo Gabba. After those lovely 5 minutes I kept chasing her around with scissors but finally got her a cute, mostly even bob.

Post haircut reward, ice cream makes everything better.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


To Celebrate Ela's 5th birthday she wanted to go to Disneyland so we took her for her very first time. It was one of the greatest days ever. Tasha stayed home with Grandma Jerre so Ela could be the star for the day. We packed quiet a bit into our 13 hour day. Pinocchio, Dumbo, The Train, Pirates, Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Jungle Safari, the Rockets, the World of Tomorrow, Visiting Princesses, It's a Small World, Mickey & Mickey's house, Minnie's house, Goofy's house, gadget's Coaster, saw fireworks, Fantasmic and The Haunted Mansion. Part of the reason we stayed so long was mostly because I didn't want the magic to end but Todd was finally the voice of reason and we left at 11:45.
 We rode the teacups and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride directly after dinner which wasn't too bright.

 Dumbo was the longest line we waited in (about 40 minutes) but all the rest were 30 minutes or less which was perfect.
I couldn't believe what a trooper Ela was. She was so brave and her favorite rides were all the roller coasters. She kept saying "I'm so glad we could come to Disneyland, thank you guys so much for taking me." I think it really is the Happiest Place on Earth.