Friday, March 23, 2012

We like to bake and I cannot lie

My cookie baking helpers
I usually look the other way while they devour the dough because its so fun to have them as baking buddies. And check out how Tasha's head is cocked to the side just like her big sister's. I took 3 shots and they both did it every time. I tell Ela a million times a day to "be a good example" because Tasha copies everything she does, good and bad. Sometimes its helpful though because if Tash doesn't feel like listening to me she'll usually listen to Ela so I'm glad she's on my side.


Kendyll said...

I love all of the new posts Lauren. I've been missing you. Can't wait till I can get down there again!

The Glaziers said...

Thanks kendyll! I kind of got in a frenzy. I miss you, let me know next time you're here and we'll get together!