Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Pier Swim 2010

Some of Todd's family does the annual Oceanside Labor Day Pier Swim and this year Todd manned up and took the challenge. He shaved his head and beautiful beard and swam 1.5 miles in the freezing, choppy, 58 degree ocean. The girls and I were more than happy to cheer him on from the shore. He made great time and did not require a lifeguard rescue so we were proud. Out of respect I will refrain from posting any pictures of him in his purple swim cap. I should also mention that after the swim he played 3 games of beach volleyball, did 1 hour of stand up paddleboard and helped a friend work on his car. He is Ironman.
The group. Everyone swam except us girls and Uncle Tim who played photographer. Way to go Papa Frank for getting first in his age group again!

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Lianna said...

DId Gma Sue swim too? Good job Todd, that would have been fun to watch. Remind us next year and maybe Brandon can do it too