Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School...Sniff Sniff

For the last few weeks Ela has been telling everyone (Vons checkers, bank tellers, strangers on the street...) that she starts school on Tuesday September 7th! She woke up ready to go, picked out her outfit and wolfed down her breakfast. She asked every minute if it was time to go until I finally took her. We got there 15 minutes early and she waited with her little face pressed against the glass door eager to learn. She had surprisingly little to say about the whole experience when I picked her up but I know she had fun because she is already asking when she can go back. She did remember Miss Hamburger (Amber) though.
Ela found her cubby and posed very patiently while I took pictures. It was definitely harder for me to leave than I had expected. I will admit I kind of choked up a little. My little girl is so grown up!


Brit said...

Congratulations to Ela!

The McNeil Family said...

It is a lot harder for us adults to let them go. I am glad that she loved going to school. She is so cute