Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This is Halloween

Last night Todd helped Ela carve her very first pumpkin. Actually he did pretty much everything seeing as how knives are rather sharp and pumpkin guts are rather gooey. She reached in twice to pull stuff out and that was it. Then she said "I'm all done making a pumpkin, I want to watch my shows."
I was expecting some triangles and square teeth but Todd ended up spending about 30 minutes drawing and then carving a "very scary Jack O'Lantern."
The finished product. I'm so excited for Halloween, pumpkin baked goods, sweaters and hopefully some cooler fall weather.


O'Neal Family said...

wow, todd has pumpkin skills! I too love any excuse to wear a comfortable sweater and eat cookies. gosh i miss you. remember when we went to the movies theater in our pj's?

The McNeil Family said...

What a cool pumpkin. props to your hubby. I wish it would cool down, I love wearing sweaters too.

O'Neal Family said...

...haha, I did love it when you wore jammies to seminary. The most amusing aspect was your refusal to wear a what? wait what? i didn't say anything ;)