Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Back Hurts

Freakin Lost. I just finished last night's episode and I cannot believe how stressed that show gets me every time. Its the same kind of back tension I feel during a good teeth cleaning and I love it so much.
Except what the heck is wrong with Juliet's mouth?


Brit said...

I know! I've always thought she had funny lips from botox and that fact that its getting more pronounced confirms my suspicions, I think. =) Nothing could make me love that show less.

O'Neal Family said...

I agree, her lips make me crazy. its like either smile or don't but stop toying with the middle ground. but what drives me more crazy is Kate's TEETH! oh kill me!! ryan refuses to watch with me anymore because everytime she smiles i can't hold back. its the worst cap job ive ever seen. im referring to the chicklets in place of her centrals. actually i don't know if you've noticed but she had them touched up this season - so much better than seasons 1-3. ok im done:)