Thursday, March 19, 2009

I put some new shoes on and suddeny everything is right

Ela got new shoes today and is so excited. She's already starting to care about what she wears and if we tell her something is cute she is all about it and tells everyone to "yook" at her. She ran all over Old Navy to find some shoes and when she did she put them on and says "I like it mama." I let her wear them out of the store and she was even more excited. She would walk a few feet and then stop to reach down & touch the little bows one at a time with her little pointer finger and then proceed with the proudest little grin. People would stop and tell her how cute her shoes were because they could tell how into them she was. She wore them the whole rest of the day, even after the pants came off.
Later that night though the shoes were forgotten when she realized what awesome footwear the Girl Scouts make...
Her cookie box peg leg


Lianna said...

That last picture scared me for a second, I thought it was a cast. Good thing it's just a cookie box.
Yes, Ela, your shoes are very cute! Dean was talking to her today on his pretend phone and even yelled her name over the edge of our hill. I guess that means we need to hang out again soon.

O'Neal Family said...

im telling buy them toys and they play with spoons! she would probably LOVE a trash bag dress. either way so super pretty.