Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Its a Sunshine Day

This morning started out a bit rough. My sweet little Ela is currently teething which makes her a bit grouchy. Although a bit chilly it was a beautiful day so we decided to walk to the park with our friends. As soon as we stepped outside Ela did a complete 180. Its amazing what a difference a bit of sunshine can do for her mood. We got to the park and she was riding the bouncy horse and smiling and laughing. I couldn't believe she was the same little girl who had screamed at me for not letting her jump on the dishwasher door less than an hour earlier. I'm so grateful to live in San Diego where my little outdoor lover can play outside in the sunshine.

Dean chasing Ela around the tree

They lined up about 10 chairs at lunch & played train

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Lianna said...

They sure had lots of fun together. The moment Dean woke up from his nap he said, "I want Ela"
Again, thanks for getting me out, it was a good day.