Saturday, January 10, 2009

Misty Water-Colored Memories

Today Ela & I went to visit Grandpa Duck & Bamma Ree (as Ela calls Chuck & Jerre). They currently live in Montana while renting out their house in Pacific Beach. They are so cute and drove all the way down to fix the roof so that Grandpa doesn't have to pay "some charlatan" to do it. While the men worked my mom, sister & I went through our old boxes of stuff stored in their garage. Some of the highlights were my She-Ra Princess of Power castle, old costumes my mom had made (one of them also She-Ra), my Easy Bake oven (which I hardly used since I liked to eat the mixes raw - Salmonella anyone!) and Kelly's massive stuffed animal collection. Kelly also found a bunch of other random collections plus a box of old notes & papers from high school which I though was funny considering I only had one box and it was all books. Hi, my name is Lauren and I like to throw things away. Many times Todd will ask me where things are and the answer is often "in the trash". Its not that I have no sentimentality...its just that I'm practical and I like things neat so there you go.


Kelly with her pile. I couldn't even get all of it in the picture...

Ela in my Tweedle Dum hat from 8th grade Halloween.

Grandpa Dave passed the time by clothes pinning my child. She loved it.

Being in their house also took me back in time. The little table in the breakfast nook where I used to eat my Great-Grandma Wynn's sour cream cookies was still there. Plus I had forgotten how much time I actually spent in that city. The little bagel shop where I first discovered sprouts & tomato on a bagel with cream cheese is pretty tasty, driving to In-N-Out with my old Rabbit convertible spewing coolant and heaven only knows what else while everyone honks & points, riding bikes at the bay and excessively honking my horn. Good times. It was really fun to reminisce and Ela always enjoys her grandparents.


Brit said...

I remember fantasizing as a teenager that your grandparents would someday rent that place out to you, Emily, Kendyll, and I, and we would get to live glamorous, frivolous lifestyles on the beach.

And I promise I won't bug you by commenting on every single post you do. =)

michele said...

Just finished sharing this w/ grandpa duck and bamma ree and grandpa dave. We all enjoyed the pics and your commentary and observations. I am proud of your foray into the blogosphere. love, mom p.s. meow

Rachael said...

Yea for blogging! We love blogs b/c we keep updated with loved ones and see little cuties like yours! This is Rachael, Daniel's wife and I wanted to say HI! I have a blog too but it's private and I would need to invite you. Can you email me your email address so that I can send you one? Thanks!

Dave said...

This is the first blog I have ever looked at. If you ask me, yours is the best one. We had a very good time with everyone. I was real glad we could have lunch afterwards. You make our day everytime we get the chance to visit.Talk soon I hope, ...Dave

Rachael said...

Those sour cream cookies are a close second to my favorite grandma wynn treat: donut holes!