Monday, January 2, 2012

2 years old = 2 Parties

Happy Birthday Tasha! At two you are so grown up! You love chocolate, always copying Ela, climbing/jumping off of everything, Tangled & Toy Story and staying up with Mom & Dad after Ela goes to bed. You are so sweet, always patting my back and telling us you love us 'Dees Much!" I'm sorry your birthday is at such a crazy time of year but we'll make up for it by celebrating twice! (at least this year.)
Her first party was at Mimi's time share in Oceanside where half the Tanner family was staying while they visited which meant lots of family to sing and help celebrate.

 Her second party was on New Year's day with my side of the family at beautiful Crown Point. Ela even got Toro in on the fun.
The party guests.
Tash reminds me of the squirrel in over the hedge here. "But I like a cookie"...

No birthday is complete without a ribbon dance!

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