Monday, July 25, 2011

KC 2011

Suprise! We went to Kings Canyon this summer. And yes it is an annual event. The girls did great! Tasha played with her stroller, slept like a champ and was always happy. Except for that one time we thought we lost the last binky... Ela did her fair share of stroller pushing, playing in the river, delivering messages to our nearby campers and even napping. Hooray!

"Todd. How can you not smile on a hammock!"

Ela was quite the photog this trip. These are all pictures she took her self. She also took individual shots of the other families we camped with that turned out really well. Usually nobody wants a record of how bad they look while living in the dirt so they avoid others taking pictures of them; but who can say no to this punum.

The artist and her favorite pose. Good times.

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