Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ela's 4th Birthday Celebration

We had already celebrated Ela's 4th birthday in Utah so this party was a bit confusing to her. She thought she was turning 5 so we called this the celebration of her 4th birthday and it all worked out. We went to Sunset Park just like last year to celebrate royally our sweet princess Ela and she even declared it her "best birthday ever!"

The kids with the cake that stained the world.

The group. Minus the ones on the playground.

Here's Ela concentrating on the bean bag toss constructed by Gma Shel and Gpa Dave. It was a fabulous castle with holes cut out for the kids to toss they're princess or dragon bean bags through. Look at that form!

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Lianna said...

What a cute pic of Ela and Dean! We've got to keep that for when they get married ;) We had a great time at Ela's bday, you are such a good mom!