Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sisters Beauty Shop

The girls have really been into jewelry and dress up lately. I love it because they get along great while they do (probably because Tasha can't talk) and it keeps them quietly occupied.

Tasha even sits still while Ela applies lip gloss. Globs and globs of gloss. Tasha has started taking the pretend lipstick and makeup and putting it on herself and then carefully replacing the lid. She also loves digging out real chapstick tubes with her little finger and examining the gunk. This will keep her happy for as long as I let it go on which is usually not long as I love my chapstick.

The Glamour shot. Check out those tonsils!

The beautiful beautician.
I love my girls and love that they can play so nicely together. Ela has been pretending Tasha is her baby a lot and loves to give her choke holds...I mean hugs (tightly around the neck) and carry her around eventhough a 35lb Ela can't really carry a 23lb Tasha! She tells me "Don't worry about it Mom, I'll take care of Tasha". Sweet sisters.

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