Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Party

We went to a pumpkin patch in Rancho Bernardo this year with friends. The weather of course was the same it is every year we visit a pumpkin patch, sunny and hot but we still had lots of fun.
Ela is showing us exactly how she feels about all the staged photos.
All the kids on the hay ride.
Picking a pumpkin from an actual patch. We usually pick our pumpkins from a box at Ralphs so this was really cool. We finally got a good picture of Ela smiling and Tasha saying "hi."


The McNeil Family said...

That is fun to pick your own pumpkin!! Your girls are so cute!!

Brit said...

Look at that Tasha girl standing around the pumpkins. What, does she think she is big or something?! =)

Lianna said...

great pics! I am sad that I missed it. Next year I hope. your girls are so cute together