Saturday, June 12, 2010

Princesses on Parade

The children's theater in town is performing Cinderella this month and held a Princess Party this weekend. It was great because I used it as bribery for weeks and Ela had the time of her life!
Here she is chatting up Cinderella. Some girls were shy but not our little princess. She totally treated her like one of her little friends and addressed her as Cinderella everytime she spoke to her ie. Cinderella! That girl is calling you! or Cinderella! I have to go now.
Here she is with her ladies in waiting. They all thought she was the cutest even when she was bossing them around.
Dancing with a cookie (which also made an appearance in the first photo) to Auntie Princess Jenna's beautiful harp music.
My favorite part. Fast asleep still holding her balloon and fake cell phone probably still talking to Dean.


The McNeil Family said...

How fun for Ela. She is so adorable

Rachael said...

so fun! Macey would have loved to do that with her cousin!
Tasha is so cute and Lindin has that same play mat!