Thursday, December 3, 2009

The story of Tasha Joy

So the name thing was a bit difficult for Todd and I to agree on this time around. All we knew was we wanted Joy in honor of Todd's mom for a middle name. I liked a few names but wasn't in love with anything and he didn't really like any of my suggestions so we weren't making progress naming this child. Ela on the other hand had decided she would be called Tasha since before we even knew she was a girl. She told everyone; family, friends, nursey leaders. It was weird because we don't know anyone with the name and it was completely random. She didn't give up either she was sure that her baby sister's name was Tasha. We ignored it until one day I found out that Tasha means "A Christmas Baby" and since my official due date is Christmas that clinched it. It was too crazy to ignore so we didn't have to worry about picking a name and Ela got her way. Everyone wins.

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