Friday, November 6, 2009

The future of my shoulders

I was washing dishes today with my shoulders hunched so that my arms could get past my belly to reach the sink and I realized how horrible my posture is. It was never good before but now with this large 8 month pregnant belly its even worse. I hunch when I clean teeth and I hunch when I do pretty much anything standing up. Its getting rather uncomfortable so I'm extra excited for this baby to be born. Hopefully I will be able to straighten up before I become Quasimodo.


O'Neal Family said...

you and me both. we can hold hands and walk the halls of the old folks home and be quasi together.

Lianna said...

Haha, you are funny! But you probably forgot all the neck & back aches you get from holding a baby & looking down at your chest all day. I hope she comes soon too. we can't wait to see her