Thursday, June 18, 2009

Horses, horses, horses

We went to an old school horse ranch in El Cajon last weekend with my mom & Dave and it was so fun! They just hand you a horse and let you take it to a corral where you ride until you or the horse is done.
Giving the horse Roxy some nourishment before the ride. We were very careful not to let the carrots get confused with fingers.
It looks like they're going really fast in this picture but she's just leaning into it.

Patting Roxy. Pat pat pat.

At the top of the hay bales. They were pretty far up there and I wished she still had that massive helmet on.

Walking off into the sunset with daddy.


Brit said...

She looks so teeny up on that big horse. =)

O'Neal Family said...

I hope you got to keep the helmet.

The McNeil Family said...

Wow.. horse riding that is neat. She does so small on that horse. Thank goodness for the helmet. We are comin to San Diego in a week, maybe we can go to lunch or something? let me know

The McNeil Family said...

we are here sorry, I forgot to tell you. Can you do lunch tomorrow? call me 480-466-6272