Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

It was another beautiful day in San Diego today, at least for the first 5 hours before it started raining. We went to the Wild Animal Park with Dean & Lianna and it was so fun. Its another one of the places I haven't been since I was a kid so thanks to Ela for helping me relive my childhood.We rode the tram and at first she liked it but after 3 minutes she was trying to crawl up and over my head like a monkey. Her favorite animals were the elephant & cheetahs. She does a really good elephant impression too.

She really loved the play area where she could run free.
She gave every fake animal hugs & kisses.

Here's an Ela & Dean collage.
Aren't they so cute!

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Lianna said...

I love it, our posts are almost identical :)
Those kids make me smile. I can't wait for our next trip.